Wall Street Business Centre
Limassol, Agios Athanasios
 / month
Reference 2889
Floor: 1
Floors: 5
Parking Spaces: 5
Status: Under construction
Covered veranda:134m²
Amazing development with impressive location exactly in one of the most busiest roads in a well-known business area of Limassol.
Convenient access and proximity to main highways.
Stunning and unusual design using only modern and high-quality materials and finishes.
The building offers spacious modern offices with 7 levels, 2 level underground parking, technical floor and roof garden.
High quality entrance group, luxury lobby and other facilities provides business environment remarkable experience for people working there as well as the guest.

Building available for sale as a whole or per floors and for rental.

103| Cov. Area-217m² | Cov. Veranda-112m²| €14.600/month
201| Cov. Area-204m² | Cov. Veranda-126m²| €15.600/month
203| Cov. Area-217m² | Cov. Veranda-113m²| €16.100/month
Ground 4+Mezzanine| Cov. Area-189m² | Cov. Veranda-111m²| €16.400/month
301| Cov. Area-201m² | Cov. Veranda-127m²| €16.900/month
Ground 3+Mezzanine| Cov. Area-212m² | Cov. Veranda-106m²| €17.400/month
303| Cov. Area-210m² | Cov. Veranda-125m²| €17.400/month
Ground 2+Mezzanine| Cov. Area-233m² | Cov. Veranda-116m²| €19.100/month
102| Cov. Area-339m² | €19.100/month
Ground 1+Mezzanine| Cov. Area-265m² | Cov. Veranda-128m²| €21.500/month
202| Cov. Area-347m² | €21.500/month
401| Cov. Area-204m² | Cov. Veranda-124m²| Un. Cov. Veranda-323.8m²| €25.400/month
403| Cov. Area-200m² | Cov. Veranda-137m²| Un. Cov. Veranda-332.7m²| €25.600/month
402| Cov. Area-358m² | Un. Cov. Veranda-353.5m²| €33.800/month