Cyprus ranks high in the list​ of world’s strongest passports

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The Cypriot passport is steadily climbing the ranks as one of the most sought after travel documents in the world. According to the most recent ranking of world passports by Henley & Partners, the Cyprus passport has climbed to the 14th spot for 2019, up from 15th place in 2019, 16th place in 2017, and 17th place in 2016. […]

Why Limassol?

Invest in Limassol now and improve your quality of life. Limassol has it all, from 10 months of sunshine, an endless coastline of sandy beaches, ruins which are drenched in 6,000 years of history, quaint traditional villages decorating the beautiful untouched mountain range, a gastronomical adventure, acclaimed international schools and modern accommodation with breath-taking views […]

Let’s talk about Limassol

On the southern coast of Cyprus is where you’ll find Limassol, which is actually Europe’s southernmost town and the second largest on the island. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the pleasures of Mediterranean life, with an assortment of rich cultural landscapes on offer. This popular resort has beautiful sandy beaches that have a glorious […]