About MAJESTY Real Estate

Who we are

Majesty Real Estate is a fastest growing up and coming, licensed real estate agency located in Limassol, Cyprus. Our main goal is to provide our clientele quality properties to buy and invest in.

Our team offers advice regarding real estate investments in Cyprus properties. Combining our extensive knowledge of Cyprus real estate market with the plethora of residential and commercial properties for sale or rent, listed in our portfolio, we are certain that we can meet every client’s needs.


Majesty Real Estate is a young and dynamic team of professionals with a great involvement in the field, always in the forefront of the best available properties for our clientele.

With our background and experience in the property industry we can evaluate and offer a broad knowledge of resources in demand of the real estate market

With a goal to maximize real estate asset value we are committed to our ethic and principles for the best interest of our clients.


Welcome to the sun-soaked island country of Cyprus, the third largest and the third most populous island in the Mediterranean. An island full of culture and compelling landscapes, full of history and ancient riches.

Due to its unique positioning in the Mediterranean acting as a “bridge” between the three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus has great investment opportunities. Its considered a safe destination and with an improved economy the property market is booming, especially in the coastal town of Limassol. With new residential projects spawning all over the country, prices of apartments rose by 7.4 per cent over the past year.

A lot of the development is targeting high net worth buyers from all over the world, with the government offering a so-called “golden visa” to Europe, helping boost sales.

We as a company offer consulting and management services perfectly suited to navigate through properties and our mission is to provide our clients the best investment opportunities possible.



Sales and Rentals

Whether you want to sell or rent your property Majesty Real Estate is able to assist you in every possible way. There are different reasons that you might want to sell your property. It might be a disposal an investment or as simple as finding a better home for you and your family.

Property Management

We take full responsibility of managing your property. You just sit back relax and watch your bank account grow. Our Property Management services range from finding suitable tenants to collecting payments, as well as maintaining the property.

Consulting & Project Management

Our team of chartered valuers can consult you on any real estate related decisions, either disposition, acquisition, opinion on value or asset management strategies

Real Estate Services

  • Property Sales
  • Property Rentals
  • Online Auctions

    Majesty Real Estate offers you the pioneering service of online auctions, where you can place your bid online, for the properties that may interest you. You also, have the opportunity of monitoring bids other clients are placing and check for instructions, once your bid is accepted.

  • Projects / income properties

    We, at Majesty Real Estate, help our clients to identify the projects that satisfy their expectations and get the most of real estate investments. Our approach is to provide clients a comprehensive set of consultation, investment and management services throughout the lifecycle of owning income property.

Additional Services

  • Property Valuation

    Property valuation is the process of developing an opinion of value for real property, since every property is unique.
    We, at Majesty Real Estate make use of the services of independent real estate appraisers and valuation surveyors who are members of RICS.

  • Property Legal Advise

    Advising the client about the client’s property matters and recommending the client take a certain action, is what independent legal advisors are expected to offer to anyone interested in owning property.
    We, at Majesty Real Estate, advise our clients to seek independent legal advice and are always ready to help, since we are associated with the most reputable legal advice offices in Cyprus.

  • Property Management

    Owners of any property may appoint Majesty Real Estate to offer them all relevant services involved in the management of the property, ranging from finding suitable tenants to collecting payments, as well as maintaining the property.

  • Project Management

    Majesty Real Estate offers the service of overall planning, co-ordination and control of a project from the beginning till completion. The Project Management service is aimed at meeting a client’s requirements in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project.

  • Property Development

    Property Development is a multifaceted business, encompassing activities that range from the renovation and re-leasing of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of improved land, as well as, planning, design and financing , and continues until the project is built to completion and ready for use.
    Majesty Real Estate is associated with a wide range of the most prominent property developers of Cyprus and will assist its clients to meet their expectations.

  • Certificate of Energy Performance of buildings

    Properties in Cyprus, both new and existing, are required by law to be certified. Landlords are required to provide Energy Performance Certificates ( EPCs) to new tenants and buyers as part of the property rental and selling process. The Cyprus government requires an EPC to be carried out on all properties that are built, sold or rented after January 1st 2010. Each EPC will last for 10 years.
    Majesty Real Estate is affiliated with qualified experts who provide consulting services to property owners regarding lower energy consumption as well as the provision of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

  • Topographer Services

    Majesty Real Estate is associated with the most reputable topographer service offices in Cyprus. Services include, but they are not limited to, Land survey and mapmaking, Survey of buildings’ views, Design of plot division, Design of sewerage and drainage system, Road design and Land demarcation.


OUR VALUE-ABLE SERVICES aim to maximise your investment


Estate Agency and Promotion
maximize your property’s selling opportunities
We deal with disposal/acquisition of good quality and luxury properties, both commercial and industrial, and we undertake whatever comes with it: promotion, advertising, property finding, sales, lettings and part exchange deals.

Our online promotion is far reaching and hugely successful while a team of professional negotiators make sure to maximize your property’s selling opportunities providing honest and successful deals.

We also keep a wide network of the most respected local and overseas estate agents with which we work closely allowing every listed property to be widely seen by potential buyers/tenants.

Property Management
tailor-made solutions
To ensure the value of your property and generate income from your home or investment, we handle repairing and maintaining your property.

We manage your personal property and deal with all aspects that have the need to be cared for (repair & maintenance, security, housekeeping, pest control etc).

We offer tailor-made solutions and we accommodate all requests in the best possible way. If you choose to leave away or residing, we offer peace of mind while maintaining your home with professionalism and integrity. All services are carried by a team of professionals.

Property Valuations
the true value of your property
We provide valuations of all types of property (Freehold or Leasehold Interest) for purposes including Finance, Sale/Purchase, Compulsory Purchase, Tax and Asset Valuation.

With almost 20 years of experience in the local market, we make sure you have a full understanding of the true value of your commercial or residential property.

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) standards and professional guidance offer in-depth market knowledge, experience, research and analysis. Our dedicated team ensure you receive accurate and informative advice.

Property Consulting
manage your property’s portfolio
We offer feasibility and Viability studies and advice on Property development projects.

We help you identify your biggest vulnerabilities, implement strategies that can save you money or more effectively protect your property & home and support your future investments.

Find out the risks and benefits of your investment and manage your property’s portfolio with the best possible way. Meet your business objectives with full knowledge of your investment’s future.

Project Management
the best result for your future project
We provide a comprehensive service whilst projects range from the development of small houses and tourist projects, offices and commercial projects, including hotels (developed as an investment and/or for sale).

We offer asset identification, maintenance reviews and the cost-effective procurement, project start up, design and project management of a new construction or a renovation.

The team’s specialist commercial expertise, strategic approach and market knowledge ensure the best result for your future project.

Property insurance
identify potential property risks
Asset protection is an essential duty of managing our client’s properties. Property insurance provides protection against most risks to property (fire, theft, weather damage).

We make sure you find the right home and property coverage to suit your needs. A technical analysis, program innovation, and market insights can help you identify potential property risks thus choose the right property insurance.

We can find a customized plan that overcomes each possible challenge.